How To Determine Your Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

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Shoulder length hair is very much in the middle when it comes to hair lengths. You might think that there are not too many hairstyles you can do, but do not lose hope. Here are two great looks you can create with your shoulder length hair. Both are very easy and fast. One is an updo and the other is a half updo. Both looks are great for a night out.

Prep Your Hair
No matter which style you want to go with you have to begin by prepping your hair. Spray mousse is a great product to do this. Rub the mousse through your hair being sure to cover all of the layers. This gives your hair more grip and helps the styles to stay in place for longer. Give your hair a gentle brushing to make sure you covered it all.

Sectioning And Curling
Section your hair by working from ear to ear and then pin the top section of hair up and out of the way. Use a curling wand to curl the bottom section of your hair. You do not want really tight curls, instead you want big and bouncy ones. This just gives your hair more movement. Curl in either direction or both directions and feel free to vary your curls in other ways, especially if you are doing the half updo. Once you have finished the bottom then let the top section down and just curl two or three sections of it. Run your fingers through to break up the curls when you have finished.

Texturizing And Volume
Add a little sprinkle of texturizing dust to the crown of the head and work it in. Create a few top sections with your hair and pin them back to back the top have some more volume. Use clips that are the same color as your hair. Leave some sections down in the front to frame your face. Finish with a bit of hairspray and you are good to go with a half updo.

Making An Updo From The Half Updo
If you want a complete updo it is easy to keep going from the messy half updo. It is easy to transform it into a sleek updo because you already have the volume and lift. Take out the pins and section the hair again. The first section should be your bangs or any hair you want to frame your face still. You will also need side sections and you will want to clip them out of the way so that you can back comb the crown area. Also back comb a bit down the sides.

Roll the back combed section back to create a sort of cushion for the rest of your hair. Anchor it with hair pins. Take the section of hair in front of the bump and back comb it slightly then brush it back for a sleek finish to cover the mound. Pin it in place. Bring up the remaining hair from the nape of your neck to the anchor point. Roll up small section and pin it, hiding the ends of the previously pinned hair. When finished, let down the front section.