How To Spice Up Your Look With Wild Ties

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Ties especially wild ties have become an essential part of a man’s wardrobe these days. Different kinds of neck ties are available in the market meant for different occasions. They range from plain ties with solid colors to ones with intricate designs such as oval, circle and diamond on them. Formal ties with plain colors are mostly used for political and organizational meetings while semi formal ties with stripes or cross-bands are generally used for occasions such as interviews.

Likewise there are long slender ties meant for taller persons and short flat ties meant for short persons. Irrespective of the kind of tie worn, they should be worn properly. The knot should be neat and the length should be adequate. A tie reaching up to the belt level is considered best. A well made tie enhances the appearance and complements the dress up. Over the years there has been a shift from classy looking plain, striped and dotted ties to funky looking ties with letters and pictures on them. They are known as wild ties.

The kind of tie and the way it is worn tells many things about the person wearing it. Ties are also available in a wide variety of fabrics such as silk, cotton, nylon and even jeans. There are thousands of colors, designs and ways you can wear a tie that can make you stand out. So one has to be really careful about the kind of tie he is wearing so that it creates a favorable impact and not just makes him look good.Ghost Image Wild Ties

Ties have been around for a long time now and mostly associated with professional men. That in the current context is gradually changing with the introduction of funny ties or wild ties. Ties with solid colors such as black, silver, white are used for more formal occasions. They are used to complement the dress one is wearing. While on the other hand wild ties can be used for more informal occasions such as country club gatherings and weekend parties. These ties are flashy and attract attention. When worn properly with the right attire wild ties can create a strong style statement reflecting the personality and mood of the person wearing it.

Zebra print wild tiesIf you are in a professional environment where your success is determined by the way you dress up then a tie will go a long way in telling the person with whom you deal the level of professionalism and confidence that you have. The type of tie worn can either attract him/her or turn him off completely. A professional salesman can be a perfect example of dressing for success. You would be delighted to be attended by a neat looking salesman with a tie that doesn’t speak very loud and veer away from his dress up than a salesman with a funky looking wild tie, would you?

Dressing right is an art. The more you experiment with it the better you will get at it. So experiment with different colors, designs and structures of ties and in the process learn about the ties that suits you best. A tie worn right can create a favorable and lasting impression. However don’t condemn wild ties if they were gifted to you, reserve them for unofficial occasions and create your own style statement.