This Way!! How to Make Your Hair Curly For Men

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Curly hair is being interested by woman as their fashion style. Today, curly hair is not only for woman but also men. Men are almost the same with woman, they always to be update with their fashion style especially for hair.

People believe that curly hair is more interesting and sensual looking. It’s also make unique impression to that people who have curly hair. Curly hair is also having the type of curly. It means that there are many types of curly hair. So, for men they should choose the curly type for their hair as the result of how to make your hair curly for men. You can take a look the examples such as curly hair of Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Craig David, etc. it’s not only the curly type but also the ways how to make your hair curly for men. There are many ways to make your hair curly. Even though it is only for temporary time only but at least you have your hair curly.

To answer the question of how to make your hair curly for men, you should know the basic and all ways to make hair curly. No matter the ways is for woman but the important is make hair curly and can be applied to men. The ways are iron like as flat iron, chemical like as gel for hair curly, and also the simple or traditional ways such as using newspaper, socks.

If you are as men who love to experiment by self it means you need to try this ways as the alternative or simple ways. You can put newspaper and roll it into your hair. You can also braid or plait your hair first and then you can tie it with the newspaper. After that you may to spray the hair spray to your hair. Then, you can waiting for an hour and see the effect and result of this. The other alternative is using socks. You can apply it into your hair. You have to put clean socks and tie your hair with the socks. After this you can wait for a day and in the morning you can get your curly and wavy hair as the result of how to make your hair curly for men. After these kinds of alternatives, it will be better for you to keep your curly hair by using hair curly treatment shampoo. This is also used by people who get their hair curly because of saloon making. They also have to use some of product to keep your curly hair especially for men. It’s because of hair character of men; that is short and easy to come back

to the original type. You can also apply the IC fantasia gel and flat iron to make sure hair curly and give the best result regarding to the question of how to make your hair curly for men.