Tips For Big And Tall Men to Choose Wearing Dress

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Those days are gone when shopping was an enjoyment just for women. Today even men are totally into shopping and grooming themselves in all possible ways and why not? After all, everyone loves to look good and stylish. Shopping is fun for an average size man because he can wear almost anything and any color. However, for big and tall man shopping is painful as he needs to takes many things into consideration while buying an outfit for him or dressing him.

Clothing Guidelines for Big and Tall men
None of us wants to be a victim of unwanted attention. Big tall men are usually at higher risk of grabbing unwanted attentions. Few guidelines that tall and big men should follow while buying clothes or dressing themselves is:

Color To Choose
Color plays a very significant role in dressing and can even make a person look slimmer than he actually is. Tall men who are heavy on their builds should always go wearing dark colors or distinctive patterns for finest effects. Dark colored shirts are by and large the most gratifying, regardless of shape or size. In addition to this, people who are tall should choose dark color pants to make their tall legs less evident.

Dark color such as black always diverts onlooker’s attention and also stops them from concentrating on a particular part of one’s body. This is the reason why people with extra weight or flab always choose to wear dark shades. For this reason, for a big or tall man, wearing dark colors will not make him look very tall. Besides black, few of the dark colors that tall or heavy men can wear are brown, gray, navy blue, charcoal, chocolate brown, dark gray etc.

Prints To Opt For
Prints are for all time better option to get mingled up in the crowd and not get noticed. Those men who struggle on their build and are also tall should always choose to wear printed pants or t-shirts. This will surely take away those unwanted attention of others that make you feel embarrass. Even though Hawaiian prints are gaining popularity these days, tall or big men should avoid such prints as big prints give the appearance of bulk and heaviness. Stick to small and vertical prints that make the chest area appear slimmer and longer.

More to the point always opt to wear vertical strips rather than the horizontal one. Horizontal strips add a round look to the wearer and make him look a lot heavier that he is actually. Stripes that are horizontal add a round look and can make you look a lot heavier than you are. The same rule applies with zippers and buttons and zippers also. Always choose small and narrow fasteners rather than the big one.

Avoid the Baggy or Too-tight Look
Just because you have a big and tall build does not mean that you should start wearing clothes that are too big for your body. You must be surprised to know; big size cloth does nothing but highlights the shape and structure of your body. It is always good to wear clothes that fit you well. It should be neither too tight and nor too loose. Too tight is equally bad as too baggy look. Tight clothes should be avoided as it will emphasize all the features that you wish to downplay.

Check the Rise of Your Pants
Pants are another factor that big and tall man should tall into consideration while dressing him. Tall or big men often find themselves in trouble because of the crotch of their pants being too small or too short. Heavy build people should always opt for high rise pants rather than choosing low rise pants. One should always avoid all that uncomfortable twisting and bunching by wearing pants with a higher rise and that has good fitting of the crotch.

Choose a Flat-Fronted Pant
Even though pleated trousers are in these days, it should be avoided by both tall and big men. The reason behind this is pleats accentuates every negative features of larger men and for tall men, it makes them appear even taller and longer than they actually are. Therefore, instead choose flat-fronted trousers or pants as part of your ever tough clothes wardrobe.